Lucid Dreaming-Is It Right For You?

So a while ago I chose I wanted to learn lucid dreaming (or you can call it astral forecast, stage experience, from body experience, or whatever, doesn’t matter). I check out a lots of books which generally offered nonsense guidance that didn’t work, or was impossible to implement. When you removed the books to their basics, they essentially said: “I have no concept the best ways to induce lucid dreams, however if you consume over it enough, it might occur”. Sure, they attempted to paint a pretty photo, but they did not actually provide extremely beneficial, complete info. SourceĀ 

I was left to figure things out for myself. This is exactly what I managed to find out. You need to have the ability to utilize this information to induce a lucid dream tonight, not in a number of months. So how do you do it?

Well the first thing we need to go over is what is called “the rollover signal”. Without getting all technical, what this means basically is this: if you are relaxing into a lucid dream, you are most likely to obtain an unexpected, strong urge to move. This appears to be your body’s warning signal to you that it will go into sleep paralysis, which it does so you can dream safely. If you succumb to this urge and move, you will not get in sleep paralysis and you will not go into a dream. So don’t move.

Okay, we covered exactly what not to do … however exactly what do you need to really do? It’s called:

Mnemonics (not the standard mnemonic induction method).

There are various specific ways to tackle this, however here is a basic exercise to carry out. Take a deck of cards and think of 13 separate images, one for each card. For instance.