How Do You Level Up In The Faceit? Understand Everything

Well if you are a hardcore gamer and starting the CS2, you might be wondering how skill level in the faceit actually works. Faceit is a league that happens every month and top players get a prize for the same, there are people who have gone so many doubts in their minds about this. This article will clear all their doubts such as how to level up in faceit?

What Is Faceit Level?

Faceit level is decided by the elo that a player has, generally, level 10 of the faceit is around 2000 elos. You can only view your elos if you are a premium member at faceit. You just need to show your skills in placement matches, if you are able to perform well in these matches then you will surely end up on a better level. You will be ranked between level 1 to level 10, in order to move yourself to a better level you need to have better elo then the next interval. This also depends on how your opponent performs, you need to perform better than them, the elo would be decided on the basis of you the game you win or lose.

Why Does This Matter?

These are competitive matches that decide the strength of a player, they get updated monthly and top players achieve prizes through this. They get faceit points from this which can be very useful. Your elos show how skilled you are if you have better than the other player then you are actually a better player. Faceit levels are a better way to judge the capability of the player, your level is decided on the basis of your performance in the placement matches and then you lose or gain the elos to move to your right place because of which it matters.